Find out why the glass cracks in the windows

why the glass in the plastic window broke

The appearance of plastic windows on the construction market several dozen years ago brought great benefits, but also a new challenge. apart from the issues of assembly which had been performed incorrectly for years, because there were no standards and guidelines on how to do it. we also encounter other problems, such as, for example, spontaneously breaking glass in the windows.

One investor has waged wars with a window manufacturer or seller over who was responsible for the fact that the glass in the window broke by itself. the problem is not entirely obvious and it will not always be easy to find the culprit. glass is quite a delicate material, and if it is additionally a toughened glass, there are quite strong stresses in it that can cause spontaneous breakage. It seems to be Ostróda, but not in every case, the manufacturer will be guilty that the glass in the window broke when no one even touched it.

The first cause of window cracking It may actually be the fault of the manufacturer, i.e. incorrect installation of the glazing unit in the window, or the installation of a glass that already had some damage invisible from under the glazing bead dot place of such damage Will be much more likely to break in the event of changes in stress caused by, for example, a temperature difference or a sudden change temperature. in the place where the glass is damaged, a crack may begin and quickly spread to the entire window, therefore the glass can be replaced because it is a threat to residents and, secondly, it no longer fulfills its thermal insulation tasks. of the shaft profile. with the help of special plastic washers, the glass is distanced from the PVC profile. manufacturers have clear guidelines on what the distribution of some washers should look like so that the glass and the entire window should properly bear the load of gravity, especially when the window is opened. correct placement of the washers and their careful arrangement I guarantee that nothing should happen while the window is in use. However, if the washer moved or was placed incorrectly during the window training, it may turn out that it will cause the sash to break even after several years of use.
the second cause of cracks may be damage or tearing down of the glass installed in the window. Such a place tolerates the stresses that occur in the window worse, which in a short time may cause cracks on the entire surface of the glass.
the next and probably the most controversial case will be a glass breakage related to internal stresses that the glass has inside. It is hard to find the culprit here because it is a natural property of glass, just like wood. It will degrade over time. Even if properly secured, such glass has its own whims and may just shoot for no reason at all. just like, for example, some electronic part in the TV breaks down for no reason, the TV is already under warranty and there is no point in looking for a fault here, simply a coincidence or a certain property of the material from which the broken part was made.

There is only one conclusion, if the company is honest, it detects the problem, and if the problem was caused by their fault, it will be removed. If, on the other hand, the causes are difficult to determine, and the most likely to be natural causes, then it is a matter of flexible approach to the customer and sharing the costs half and half.